10 Best Shooting Apps

Updated on: June 2023

Best Shooting Apps in 2023

Call Of Army Strike Force Shooting Games

Call Of Army Strike Force Shooting Games
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023

Call Of Commando Secret Mission - Shooting Games

Call Of Commando Secret Mission - Shooting Games
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
  • Game Features Call Of Police Duty 3D Game
  • Interesting Game Play
  • Smooth and intuitive controls
  • Amazing 3D City Environment
  • Extreme Car Driving Missions
  • Criminal Chase Down Missions
  • Highly Challenging Stealth Game
  • Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
  • Thrilling and challenging Missions
  • Easy & Fun to Play

City Police Vs Murder Criminal - 3D Simulation and Shooting Game

City Police Vs Murder Criminal - 3D Simulation and Shooting Game
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
  • Real Like Enviroment
  • Engaging Levels

Call Of Counter Terrorist Survival Mission: Shooting Games 2020

Call Of Counter Terrorist Survival Mission: Shooting Games 2020
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2023
  • Features Of Modern Counter Terrorist Survival Mission:
  • Shooting all the terrorists will lead you to the next stage
  • Counter Terrorist Survival includes different guns, bullets and hand grenades
  • Multiple critical strike force missions
  • Realistic 3D environment, high-quality 3D graphics
  • Third Person Shooting Action Game
  • Complete battlefield and realistic 3d environments
  • challenges and improve your shooting skills
  • Smooth game-play and optimized controls
  • Fabulous sound effects HD Graphics

Call Of Striker Zone Mobile Duty: Free Shooting Games

Call Of Striker Zone Mobile Duty: Free Shooting Games
BESTSELLER NO. 5 in 2023
  • Special Features
  • Pleasant and Intuitive controls
  • Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
  • Action packed challenging missions
  • Assault Rifle Shooting action game
  • Use weapons for best squad attack
  • Amazing gameplay


BESTSELLER NO. 6 in 2023
  • game
  • brain game
  • hd wallpaper
  • puzzle
  • best


BESTSELLER NO. 7 in 2023
  • game
  • brain game
  • hd wallpaper
  • puzzle
  • best

mj shooting app

mj shooting app
BESTSELLER NO. 8 in 2023
  • game
  • brain game
  • hd wallpaper
  • puzzle
  • best

Alaska Hunting 3D - Snow Safari Shooting

Alaska Hunting 3D - Snow Safari Shooting
BESTSELLER NO. 9 in 2023
  • Try hunting in the severe weather conditions;
  • Hunt down dangerous animals;
  • Use the best arsenal of yours;
  • Enjoy real sniper physics.

Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops

Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops
BESTSELLER NO. 10 in 2023
  • Endless First Person Shooter Action
  • Multiple Enemies With Varying Attacks
  • Gun and Character Upgrades
  • Local Score Tracking
  • Super Tight Controls, Crisp Visuals and Stunning Sound

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review: Stealth Game or Run and Gun Game?

'Sniper: Ghost Warrior' review for PC and Xbox 360. Complete review without spoilers.

The most important part of the game is of course sniping and that works perfectly fine. Not like most games, and this game you have to take into account the distance, wind and your own breathing. Overall, the sniping is a satisfying experience.

There's also a bullet cam. The bullet cam follows your bullet if you get a headshot. This looks really cool and is very satisfying.

You also have a pistol with a silencer and some throwing knifes. You can use to pistol if enemies have seen you and come running towards you. The throwing knifes are for completely silent kills at a short distance.

Not only sniping
For variation sometimes you will leave your sniper gun at home and the game changes into a "normal" first-person shooter. Here, you just need to kill everybody you see with a machine gun or pistol. This part of the game doesn't work like it should, because you have to aim really, really precise and it doesn't go smooth. Because of that, you often have the idea that your shooting blanks.

Stealth game?
Like you probably expected, in Sniper: Ghost Warrior you have to complete the levels carefully and try to go unnoticed. As a sniper, you have a special suit so you won't be seen if you are hiding in the bushes. While playing the game, I often had the idea that I was wearing a light yellow suit so everybody could see me. It often happens that I was noticed, even though I was hiding when on the ground in high grass or thick bushes. Sometimes my enemies even saw me through hills or from really big distances, no matter how good I was hiding myself.

This also causes another problem. I often had no idea who was shooting at me. The enemy could see me, but I couldn't see the enemy at all. So I had to stand up and see who's firing bullets at me. I don't think that's the purpose of a stealth game.

These problems really ruin the game and that is really a shame. If they spent more time fixing these problems than making the environment (which is really good, especially in comparison with the gameplay), it would be a great game. But right now, it's more like I'm playing a run and gun game instead of a stealth game.

Even more problems
The game has some more small, but really annoying problems. Sometimes you need a break to go to the bathroom for example, so you pause the game. But if you want to continue playing after that, it often happens that you for no reason stand up when you were lying on the ground before. This can cause a lot of trouble, because enemies can immediately see you. Also sometimes you're required to jump, thus immediately giving away your position.

You also have a map in your HUD, where the locations of enemies are marked. The color combinations are really badly chosen. Because of that, it is almost impossible to see where the enemies are located precisely and the map is as good as useless.

The storyline is nothing special either. Same goes for the audio, except for voice acting, which is nicely done.

The environment
The graphics and the environment are really good and big. But big is a little bit misleading, because you can't use a lot of it. You have actually almost no choice in how you get past/take out your enemies. One time I was stuck because I had to infiltrate a heavy guarded camp. I tried sneaking through using a river to get past it and it looked like I could go on land on the other side, but that didn't work out. Then I tried from the other side through thick bushes and... I got stuck again. So I had no other choice than to go through the middle. The game decides the route and you have absolutely no control over what path you take and that is really a pity.

You probably didn't expect it, but Sniper: Ghost Warrior has a multiplayer mode. I can be really short about it: it doesn't work correctly. In every match everybody just plays with their pistol and it's just being played as a "normal" first-person shooter. No-one uses their sniper rifles and the maps aren't really suitable for sniping either. They are just three different modes and only six maps to play on. The multiplayer is just an extra that you can't really use.

+Great concept
+Beautiful environment

-Bad stealth
-No control of where you go
-Bad multiplayer

If you like sniping and don't mind all the bugs you will encounter, this is the game for you.

5 out of 10

Platforms: Xbox 360, PC
Price: $40 for Xbox 360 and $38 for PC

System Requirments for PC:
o OS: Windows® XP (SP3) / VistaTM (SP1) / 7
o Processor: 3.2 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3500+
o Memory: 1GB for XP / 2GB for Vista and 7
o Graphics: Nvidia 6800 or ATI X1650, 256 MB RAM, Shader Model 3.0
o DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
o Hard Drive: 6GB
o Sound: Compatible with DirectX® 9.0c

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